Tuesday, August 5, 2014


I have decided to end this blog. I have used it mostly to detail my college adventures, and now I'm done with college. Besides, I have never been that great about posting often here--I went ahead and posted a draft post that I tried to finish two or three times and never did. Thank you to everyone who has read my blog and found something of interest here.

However, just because I will no longer write on this blog does not mean that I am done blogging! (I know, I know--you're thinking, "Hurray!") I recently came up with the idea to read all of Charles Dickens's books--in one year. I started reading last night. Check out my new blog page here and in the first post I explain more about my idea and vision for this new blog. I hope you will check it out!

Long Time No Blog

Sometimes I forget that I have a blog. Oh well.

I'm now in my last semester at Biola. Soon I will no longer be a student--that's a strange feeling. I'm sure I will be really sad come graduation time (I still remember driving around my sister's college on her graduation day as she bawled her eyes out), but right now, I'm just ready to be done. I am enjoying my last semester though. I have the least amount of units I have ever taken (twelve), and I love most of my classes. I like all of them. (There is a difference.)

I'm still going to my internship once a week and getting published there. Last semester, I did a school project and wrote for the online blog Evangelical Outpost. This semester, I'm spending my spare time researching and applying to jobs. I decided that I want to stay in Los Angeles for a little while longer, so I'm mainly looking at jobs in the area. My roommate Elsa and I are planning on still living together. We both want to continue attending our church so we're looking for housing near there, since neither of us has a permanent job yet. I could definitely use prayer for guidance as I apartment search and job search.

Something I've been thinking about lately